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Let's develop an impactful professional and company brand with a competitive edge.

MCV Careers is a professional CV and Resume Writing and Design firm with a strong 'Personal Brand' focus. Each client receives a personalised complimentary resume analysis to decide whether to revive an existing resume or craft a new one that will captivate audiences. Each client will receive complimentary coaching around increasing opportunities when searching for a new job and shown how to market their brand in more sophisticated ways to ensure that they are successful. 

Additional services include customising LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, Interview coaching and review and edit of written key selection criteria answers.


Mia Vacirca

I have an extensive background in human resource management combined with sales and marketing, client management and recruitment, and expertise placing diverse positions at all levels in both public and private sectors in various industries.
As a recruiter, I was a strong candidate advocate known for identifying, measuring and translating resumes into job-winning candidate profiles with an exceptional ability to influence behavioural change with positive outcomes. However, t
he common question I was faced with was "where do I go for help in developing my brand before I venture into the world of job searching?"

This was when I decided to commence an independent consultancy that job searchers could come to for support and engage in my job-winning services!



Local Surgeon

General Surgeon

“On a whim on the Friday before a long weekend, I decided to apply for a job I’d seen the day before with a short deadline for application closure. I ran into Mia at 3.30pm that afternoon


 Knowing I’d need more than my usual resume, I asked if she was busy and received a ‘Yes, so busy! It’s that time of year.”


Suffice to say, despite the long weekend and other commitments, Mia got me a fantastic resume making me look awesome within two business days. By three business days, I had received a final professional resume, a cover letter template, and an updated LinkedIn profile.


Mia was professional, receptive, responsive, and supportive. Her work was excellent. I cannot recommend her more highly."

Stacey Gardiner

General Manager

"I just wanted to say how very thankful I am for your work and how pleased I am with how it has all come up.  I am so grateful for your generous support and incredibly quick turnaround.  Your communication throughout is second to none.  Very impressive and I would recommend you to anyone (regardless of your loyalty program).   


Fingers crossed for an interview! I have found another role as well which I feel even more aligns with my skills I am also going to apply for in the coming week.  I feel now when I submit my application that I have one that I can put forward with confidence. 

Geoff Shaw

Former Member of Parliament

"Phoned Mia on Tuesday she completed my resume by Friday. Simple. Mia was professional, engaging and efficient. I have not had a resume for 30 years, though achieved a surmountable amount of experience during this time. Mia put my professional career, experience and achievements together seamlessly.


The end result was an excellently presented and accurate resume reflecting what I have achieved in my career relative to the job description I was applying for. Mia was a referral from a relative in HR and I will certainly refer anyone to her who needs this service."

Enzo Tomaselli


"Mia had an immediate understanding of what I was going through. Not only did she help me with my Resume, but she also gave me interview training and the confidence to go out and get my dream job. Mia's industry experience in recruiting and management really helped in teaching me how to present myself"

Megan Norman

Veterinary Nurse | Pathology Collector

"I contacted Mia to assist me with my Resume and Cover Letter and found her services fantastic and very helpful. Within a week I was contacted and asked to attend 2 interviews and shortly after offered both jobs. My Resume gave me the confidence firstly to apply for positions and secondly gave me the confidence to succeed in my interviews.


I have since recommended Mia to a few people from my class. Her service is reasonably affordable and takes the stress away from thinking of doing it yourself, which leaves you time for other activities"

Marina Mildenhall

Head of Procurement

"I have been dealing with Mia for a number of years and am very happy with the services provided.


I believe having a resume that stands out and looks great is half the battle, and she ensures all bases are covered. She asks you the right questions and gets you thinking about what skills you have and to dig a little deeper than you would if doing your resume independently.


I have referred many friends to Mia and will continue to do so"

Pantea Buck

Senior Project Manager 

"Having been in the same organization for the past 8 years my resume was very dated! I was looking at taking my career in a new direction and really needed to revamp my resume.
I really like Mia’s methodology and approach to restructuring your resume. She redesign’s your resume in a manner that will prepare you to speak to your achievements and successes during the interview process. I found the templates all very modern and professional and well displayed on her website.
Updating your resume can be a very daunting experience however working with Mia was an excellent experience on many levels, she is a true professional!"

Thanuja Kannangara


"Mia is definitely “the expert” in the field of Resume and LinkedIn Profile writing. She quickly honed into and selected the best of my experience and achievements, prompted me for more detail, and wrote succinct, eye-catching text with her magical way with words to capture the attention of my target audience. A highly professional, caring and personal service that exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to get ahead in their career"

Barbara Murphy

Executive Assistant

"A colleague referred me to Mia and after a phone consultation I immediately felt the confidence within myself but with her ability to assist me. Mia works within a strict timeframe and strongly encourages you to think about your key achievements with each position.

As soon as my professional resume was completed I began applying for jobs immediately and within a week began receiving calls for interviews. 

I strongly recommend Mia to anyone who needs the confidence and a professional looking resume"

Jean-Karl Joyram

Electrical Engineer

"The service Mia at MCV Careers offered was 100% dedication and coaching in the same process. She was very professional and the constructive criticism was very respectful.  My only regret was that I didn't engage in her services right from the beginning of my job search journey.    My appreciation isn’t enough to describe the help she provided which definitely helped boost my confidence. My professional resume has given me the confidence to apply for my dream job.


I will definitely be recommending Mia to all my networks so that they can have their resume re-done professionally"

Jim Pappas

ICT Infrastructure Lead

"Mia at MCV Careers did a fantastic job at updating my Resume. I really appreciate her work ethic, especially as she goes that extra mile for her clients. I will be recommending Mia to any of my peers and friends looking for brand coaching and getting their Resume updated."

Michael Caplice

Managing Director

“ I was recently referred to Mia and MCV Careers by a colleague in Canada and was initially reluctant to reach out as I believed the 14 hour time difference would make any engagement inefficient. Was I ever incorrect – and I’m thrilled to have made the initial contact.


It had been the better part of a decade since I’d last had to prepare a resume, so I needed to capture relevant experience over that time and update it stylistically to help it stand apart in a crowded marketplace. Mia delivered on both objectives and in a timely manner. She asked probing questions to really assist me in articulating accomplishments and the result is a well written, differentiated and thought-provoking professional resume.


I would be pleased to recommend Mia and MCV Careers to anyone looking update their professional resume.”

Liana D'Orio

Projects Administrative Coordinator

"Having come from a 10 year career with the same company, my resume was very outdated (to say the least!). I sought the help of Mia at MCV Careers via a referral from a friend and it was the best decision. I received a fantastic resume and cover letter which saw me gain employment with a new company within weeks.


Mia ensures that your greatest qualities and skills are highlighted to give you the best chance of achieving your career goals. She follows up with you to see how you are progressing and will assist you every step of the way.

In addition to the great service, Mia is absolutely lovely to deal with and goes above and beyond. She is always eager and willing to talk and give you advice on any situation.  I have already referred Mia to friends and will continue to do so in the future"

Dean Bigaignon

Manager - Sales & Marketing

"I contacted Mia after I realised I needed a professional to help take my Resume to the next level. She quickly identified areas of improvement and asked me the right questions that made me look at my current and previous role in a different light.

I was super impressed with her quick turnaround times and I would definitely recommend her and use her services again. Thanks Mia!"

Kerry Smith

Pathology Collector

"I contacted Mia midweek and by the following week, I had a new resume with achievements she helped me identify and cover letter. Within 2 weeks I've had a video interview for a job I applied for and am waiting to hear further.

I have to say after no success with my outdated resume, I would highly recommend Mia. Do yourself a favour and have a look at her website. There are so many choices. Needless to say, I am a very happy customer"

Stacey Gardiner

General Manager

I just wanted to say how very thankful I am for your work and how pleased I am with how it has all come up.  I am so grateful for your generous support and an incredibly quick turnaround.  Your communication throughout is second to none.  Very impressive and I would recommend you to anyone (regardless of your loyalty program)."

Nicole McIntyre

Territory Sales Manager

Dear Mia

Thank you so much for enabling me to express myself in such a professional manner. Not knowing where to begin after being in 2 long terms roles, you made this process so much easier and guided me with so much support and confidence all the way through.

I always felt I was in good hands with you and you have definitely brought out my best strengths.

The resume you have produced is just amazing and I now feel confident with all your coaching and conversations to go out and get em!

 You promised and delivered on time and answered every reply from me punctually and with such positivity.

Your professional and articulate way that you express your client’s strengths, skills and everything needed to present a standout resume is to be commended.

I will recommend your services to my entire network.

© 2016  by MCV Careers

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