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EFT, PayID and PayPal payment options available

Resume writing services include:
 A redesign and rewrite of your existing resume including achievements and design of your choice.
Option 1
Under 20s - Resume
A professionally written resume with a stand out design for those under 20 years of age.
Option 2
Standard Resume
For existing white-collar and blue-collar clients.
Option 3
Managers & Specialist Resume
BDMs, Sales, Specialists (1), Client Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, & Middle Managers
Option 4

Senior Executive Resume
Specialists (2), CEOs CFOs, COOs, Directors, Operations Managers, VPs, Head of & General Managers & Board Executive.
Option 5
Interview Coaching
Coaching is 45 mins via Phone, FaceTime or Skype. Includes workbook with questions & example answers to most common interview questions.
Option 6
LinkedIn Profile
Customised personal or Company LinkedIn profile to ensure you come up in searches.
Cost is calculated as part of resume upgrade.

$150 - $550
Option 7
Cover Letter - Template
Professionally written template guide in the same design as your resume with FREE review and edit.
Option 8
Cover Letter - Tailored
Professionally written cover letter in the same design as your resume, tailored to one (1) position you are applying for.
Option 9
Key Selection Criteria
Option 1: Review with minor edits $25 per Q&A
Option 2: Complete re-write of supplied examples $50 per Q&A
Option 10
Existing clients
Resume upgrade -
Upgrade your existing resume to include your recent roles plus achievements.
3 referrals = $0
$150 - $350
Option 11
Achievements | Accomplishments
You will receive one document containing 20 plus career-based achievement examples.
Over 100 positions to choose from
Option 12
Career Workshop
Attend our 90-minute career workshop and receive a 40% discount off your resume upgrade. 


Services are designed for people who want to make their audience sit up and take notice whether it be potential employers, internal recruitment officers or recruitment consultants, in both public and private sectors.

The guidance and support provided in developing your profile and outlining your key strengths, capabilities, experience, and key achievements will increase your chances in securing your next role.

Dare to be different and stand out from the crowd


Your cover letter will be of the highest quality, worded and designed specifically to suit the selection criteria of the job advertisement or position description or a cover letter template guide that you can alter for multiple positions.

A professional cover letter should be engaging, show a little of your personality and culture fit, convey your interest for the role you are applying for and should demonstrate your suitability. It should be tailored for each position and communicate your experience specific to the role.

The best thing I ever did was believe in me


Some jobs will ask you to meet particular requirements or selection criteria. Selection criteria may also be known as core or key capabilities.

Your responses should demonstrate, with relevant examples, that you have the required experience, skillset and abilities to do the job. Use achievement examples, be succinct and use dot points where appropriate.

Use your authentic voice and share from your heart.
Be real. Be you. Tell your story
-Arianne Merritt-


Interview coaching is designed to give you a goal to achieve throughout the interview. This interview preparation has been developed and enhanced through years of training, feedback, and results. The unique process involves learning how to ensure the selection panel or interviewer hears and sees you succeeding in the new role.


It is performed via phone or 'Skype'.  You are provided with an Interview Questions Workbook that includes the most common interview questions, and multiple example answers for you to work with.

The focus is in the following areas:

  • General Interview questions

  • Behavioural-based questions

  • Competency-based questions

  • Choosing effective questions to ask during your interview

  • How to make follow up calls and write follow up emails

  • Preparing for phone, video, one on one and panel interviews


An online presence can bring you to the forefront but a poorly constructed one can work against you when a final shortlist is made. This is why securing a professional online presence is essential!


Your LinkedIn profile is imperative for networking and securing jobs. Up to 79% of all top ASX listed companies are using LinkedIn as part of their recruitment and candidate attraction strategies.


You will learn the best methods to enhance your profile, make it more searchable, and ensure that you are giving yourself the best chance to find, or be found on this professional career social network.

Having a professional LinkedIn profile:

  • easily allows companies to search your skills and experience and find you

  • allows you to establish your brand in the market place

  • acts as a reference of credibility for potential employers and clients

  • allows you to network with people in your industry

  • allows you to be found by headhunters and recruiters

  • gives you up to date Company information and industry news

  • increases job opportunities

Refresh your personal brand, make it authentic and allow it to stand out
- Mia Vacirca -


A gift certificate is a perfect way to show someone you care.   It gives a friend or loved one the motivation to start looking for a job after an absent period. It gives a person the encouragement to start looking a new job after months of challenges in their current position.  It gives a head start to a new challenging career for those have completed their school career or those who need to work and study.

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