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Is resume tailoring enough? Let’s investigate sharing the Power of Your Point of View.

In the realm of job hunting, the mantra of 'tailor your resume' echoes endlessly. But what if crafting the perfect resume isn't enough?


Picture this: You've enlisted the help of a top-notch resume writer, fine-tuned every detail to fit the job description, yet still, you're met with radio silence. This scenario is all too familiar for those navigating competitive career paths, leadership roles, and the elusive C-suite.


Recently, I came across a thought-provoking piece by a recruiter shedding light on a startling statistic: out of over a thousand applications for a ‘Chief of’ position, a staggering 75% were disqualified due to lack of qualifications. Even among the remaining 25% who met the criteria, they all looked exactly the same.


The article went on to state that only 3 candidates dared to stand out. How? By articulating a unique point of view on what it means to excel as a Chief of Staff and how they'd redefine the role in today's landscape.


While having a distinct perspective didn't guarantee them the job, it did secure them something equally valuable: an interview—a seat at the table.


So, what exactly are hiring managers and recruiters seeking?


Critical Thinking and Value-Add: Can you think critically, make decisive choices, and contribute beyond the typical duties of the role?

Prioritisation and Judgment: Do you possess the discernment to allocate your time and energy effectively?

Problem-Solving Acumen: Can you swiftly identify and address issues as they arise?

But here's the kicker—hiring managers desire a glimpse of these qualities before they even pick up the phone to schedule an interview.


The article goes a step further and highlights how to leverage your unique point of view:


Publish it: Share your perspective through articles or blog posts.

Direct Communication: Send it directly to the hiring manager you're targeting.

Integrate into Your Profile: Embed it within your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Amplify Through Social Media: Share it as a post and encourage engagement from your network.

Website Showcase: Make it a focal point on your personal website.

If your viewpoint resonates strongly, you're bound to rise to the top of the applicant pool. And when the interview comes knocking, having a well-articulated point of view will bolster your confidence and clarity.


Here's a crucial tip: Resist the urge to tailor your perspective for each company. Your point of view is your intellectual property—don't give it away freely. Pen one robust viewpoint and share it with multiple interviewers.


To bypass the barrage of rejection emails, dare to be different. Embrace authenticity by crafting a compelling point of view—it's an investment that yields dividends throughout the hiring process, from pre-interview to final selection.




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